Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống 


2. We are looking for _______ place to spend ________ night.

A. the/the                   B. a/the           C. a/a              D. the/a

3. Please turn off ________ lights when you leave ________ room.

A. the/the                   B. a/a              C. the/a           D. a/the

4. We are looking for people with ________experience.

A. the                          B. a                 C. an               D. x

5. Would you pass me ________ salt, please?

A. a                             B. the              C. an               D. x

6. Can you show me ________way to ________station?

A. the/the                   B. a/a              C. the/a           D. a/the

7. She has read ________interesting book.

A. a                             B. an               C. the              D. x

8. You’ll get ________shock if you touch ________ live wire with that screwdriver.

A. an/the                    B. x/the          C. a/a              D. an/the

9. Mr. Smith is ________ old customer and ________ honest man.

A. An/the                   B. the/an        C. an/an          D. the/the

10. ________ youngest boy has just started going to ________ school.

A. a/x                          B. x/the          C. an/x            D. the/x

11. Do you go to ________ prison to visit him?

A. the                          B. a                 C. x                 D. an

12. ________eldest boy is at ________ college.

A. a/the                      B. the/x          C. x/ a             D. an/x

13. Are you going away next week? No, ________ week after next.

A. an                           B. a                 C. the              D. x

14. Would you like to hear ________ story about ________ English scientist?

A. an/the                    B. the/the       C. a/the           D. a/ an

15. There’ll always be a conflict between ________ old and ________ young.

A. the/the                   B. an/a            C. an/the        D. the/a


Đáp án:

1. A       2. B     3. A     4. D     5. B     6. A     7. B     8. B     9. C     10. D     11. A     12. B   13. C   14. D   15. A

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